Updated for 2017-2018


  1. Players must be 18 years old by their first night of play to participate in the ICE Arena Adult Hockey Leagues.
  2. All players, coaches and team representatives must be registered with USA Hockey and turn in their confirmation page to the office before playing. Players not registered MUST do so online at usahockey.com.
  3. All Players must sign an ICE Arena player contract and waiver form.
  4. Players WILL become ineligible if payment of league fees is not received by specified dates.
  5. Each player is required to use full and legal protective equipment (facemasks and mouth guards are strongly recommended).


Section A- Team Classification

The league is divided into the following classifications. The ICE Arena reserves the right to move teams or players among divisions.

18+   A/B League                     Competitive

18+   C League                         Beginner/ Novice

30+   League                            Recreational

Section B- Team Registration and Fees

  1. Teams must be registered before the last rate skate of their division. When registering, a specified down payment amount is required. The amount required for the down payment is $500.00. The rest of the player dues are due:
    1. A/B League: September 11th, before 11PM.
    2. C League: September 13th, before 10 PM.
    3. 30+ League: September 17th, before 9PM.
  2. Once a team/player is registered, there will be NO REFUNDS!

Section C- Team Rosters

  1. A maximum of twenty (20) players are allowed on a team’s roster. This includes substitute players. Any player that skates in at least one game takes one of the 20 spots. League Commissioner may reassign any players to a different team that is more suitable for the team numbers.
  2. ANY sub filling in must have USA Hockey and have it turned in to the office before games played. Subs will have to pay a Sub fee of $15.00 each game at the front desk. If subs are caught not paying the Sub fee they will not be allowed to play in the league for that year and the team that the sub played for will be fined $25.00. Subs will also have to sign in. Any subs not on the Roster at the start of season will have to fill out a Player Addition form and turn it into the League Commissioner. Subs can’t play in any games until all of this information is turned in and accepted by the League Commissioner. A player that subs is only allowed to bring a team up to 10 players (not including goalies).
  3. Substitute Goalies- To avoid forfeits, a team is allowed to use a substitute goalie, When searching for a substitute goalie, teams must use the following procedure:
    1. Contact a goalie from the league substitute goalie pool. The pool list will be maintained by the commissioner and will be posted inside the ICE Arena office and be made available to team representatives.
    2. Ever effort must be made to find a substitute goalie that has the same skill level as the original roster goalie. Only under special circumstances previously approved by the commissioner may an A/B league goalie substitute in the C League, and vice versa.
    3. If no goalie from the pool is available, any other substitute may play. The substitute goalie must meet all the eligibility requirements such as roster deadline and roster formula. You can also find the requirements under Section C- Team Rosters, number 2.
  4. An official roster form with names and player info must be turned into the office before the last rate skate. That official roster will be held at the front desk for teams to officially add or remove players.
  5. Any roster changes (additions, releases, or trades) must be approved through the league commissioner.
  6. A player MUST sign in before each game at the front desk. If signatures are determined by the arena staff to be “forged” the player that “forged” the signature will not be able to play in that game.
  7. Any player removed from a roster due to their talent level causing the team to be out of formula will not be counted against the 20 man roster.
  8. A player can only be on one roster per division, but may play in multiple divisions.
  9. After the first game of the season any player that wants to be added to a roster has to fill out a Player addition form and turn it into the League Commissioner. Players may be added throughout the season until January 31st when all rosters are frozen.  

Section D- Policing of Rosters 

  1. Roster Integrity Meetings (RIM) – players are rated throughout the rate skates by the team reps of each division, and discussed at a series of RIM meetings (October, December, and February). Collectively, the teams rep goes through each roster discuss player ratings, and whether or not a team is in formula with upper players. If a team is found out of formula (shedding players, moving up a division, forfeiting games, etc…) and also how to deal with the individual (notification, potential, refund, jerseys, etc…).
  2. Policing of team rosters and detection of illegal players is the responsibility of teams, scorekeepers, and league commissioner. The league may, however, declare a game a forfeit under the following circumstances, but is not limited to these:
    1. The name of an illegal (non-roster) player, defined as any player who does not have complete paperwork on file, plays or appears on a score sheet or in a game;
    2. A suspended player dresses while under suspension (such incidents will also be reported to the Michigan Amateur Hockey Association, if appropriate, for disciplinary action against said player and team rep);
    3. The number of players dressed for any game is more than the number of players listed on the score sheet.
  3. In cases where a player’s identity is in question, the protesting team or official has the right to require that said player to produce a valid photo I.D. Any player unable to produce a valid I.D. will automatically is declared illegal, unless a league or game official is present who can vouch for his or her identity. In the absence of any such verification, a forfeit declared in favor of the protesting team may occur after the game.
  4. If the player’s I.D. is verified to the satisfaction of the league and/or game officials, the game officials will indicate this on the back of the score sheet and the game will continue. The team registering the protest will be assessed a three-minute bench minor for delay of game.
  5. Should a protest occur (see article III –Playing Rules, Section C, number 10), the league will follow up by contacting the team representative of both teams regarding appropriate action. Both the offending player and the team representative will be held responsible when an illegal player is discovered to have dressed and/or played.

Section E- Team Representatives

  1. Each team will designate a team representative and alternate representative to represent the team at the league meeting or any other business that concerns the team. Both may attend any meeting but each team has only one vote.
  2. Voting on league issues will be based on the majority, unless specified otherwise.

Section F- Team Colors

  1. Each team is eligible to choose their jersey colors.
  2. Each player must wear the same color jersey as his or her respective team. If a player(s) does not have one, the opposing team rep and the official must OK it.
  3. An alternate jersey color with a number is required in the case of two teams with similar colors. The home team has their choice of jersey color. If the visiting team does not wear another color and the home team protests the game (before it starts), the visiting team will forfeit.


Section A- MAHA and USA Hockey Affiliation

  1. The USA Hockey Rulebook will govern all leagues with amendments noted in these rules.

Section B- League Format

  1. Regular season is 28 games for A/B League and C League.
  2. Regular season is 30 games for 30+ League.
  3. Each team will qualify for Play-offs unless noted otherwise.
  4. Play-offs will be double elimination with seeded teams.
  5. Games will consist of three 15 minute run-time periods and will not have a curfew clock.
  6. During run-time situations, only game referees are authorized to stop the clock for any reason. Scorekeepers will stop clock ONLY on a referee’s signal.
  7. Games will enter into stop time if the score is within two goals during the last two minutes of play in the third period. If during stop time scenarios, a team leading by two goals scores, the game will go to a run-time clock at the next face-off.
  8. There will be a three minute warm-up period before each game, and one minute intermissions between periods.
  9. To avoid delays, line changes during play stoppages must be completed within 15 seconds. If teams are in violation of this rule, the referee will issue a warning and then a delay of game bench minor for subsequent infractions.
  10. There will be NO OVERTIME during the regular season. The game will end in a tie if a tie remains after the third period.
  11. Each team will receive 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss.

Section C- Penalties & Suspensions

  1. For league record purposes, minor penalties= 3 minutes, major penalties= 7 minutes, and Misconduct penalties= 12 minutes. Penalty time will not start until the face-off immediately after the penalty occurs. During Play-offs, minor penalties= 2 minutes, major penalties= 5 minutes, and misconduct penalties= 10 minutes.
  2. Suspended players or coaches may not be in the player’s bench area.
  3. Any player that plays on multiple teams, who receives a suspension in one league, is not able to participate in the other league until the mandated suspension from the initial league is served. The additional games suspended, imposed by the league, only apply to the league the suspension was given in.
  4. If a player is suspended and there are not enough regular season and/ or play-off games remaining for them to complete their suspension, the suspension will carry over into the next adult league season that they are registered.
  5. If a player participates in a game illegally while under suspension, or if a team uses any illegal player (i.e. suspended or unregistered), any or all of the players and team representatives involved are subject to suspension determined by MAHA and or the league commissioner. The game will be forfeited 1-0. A second offense will result in the team being expelled from the league without refund.
  6. Off-ice altercations will result in suspension at the discretion of the league commissioner.
  7. Any player who dresses while under suspension will be suspended indefinitely. Both the offending player and his team rep may be reported to MAHA for further disciplinary action.
  8. The ICE Arena reserves the right suspend or permanently bar any player from participation in the adult league who has demonstrated an inability to follow the rules and practices poor sportsmanship, or who, in the judgment of the ICE Arena, poses a threat to the health and safety of other participants. This included specifically (but not exclusively) individuals who habitually receive game misconducts, engage in fighting, threaten game officials, participate in games under the influence of alcohol or drugs or attempt to injure other players. Any action taken by the ICE Arena in such cases shall be in addition to any disciplinary action taken by on-ice officials, the Michigan Amateur Hockey Association, USA Hockey or any other legal authority.
  10. A team representative may appeal an official’s non-judgment call. Although game outcomes will not be overturned, concerns will be taken under advisement for future situations.
    1. Appeal Process:
      1. Only team representatives may appeal non-judgment decisions;
      2. Team representatives must submit in writing their official appeal to the commissioner;
  • The commissioner will review the appeal with the involved player(s), their team representative(s) game referee, head referee, and facility director;
  1. After the review process, a final decision will be made by the district;
  2. Issues deemed by the commissioner to need a vote will take place through email or meeting, with a simple majority vote.
  3. Team Reps will have a four (4) day window to cast their vote. In play-offs, the window will be three (3) days.
  • The commissioner retains the right to change the simple majority to high majority, or extend voting window, when they deem in the best interest of the league.
  • For purposes of appeal review or disciplinary hearings, league commissioner may create a Disciplinary Board, consisting of the Commissioner, Facility Director, a Smooth Surfaces Board Member, and two team representatives from leagues not involved in the situation under review.
  1. Minor Penalties- Player(s) that receives four (4) minor penalties in one game is ejected for the remainder of that game and a one (1) game suspension. When a player accumulates 100 penalty minutes during the regular season, they will be suspended for the remainder of the regular season and playoffs with no rights for appeal.
  2. Checking Major Penalties- A player receiving a six (6) minute major for any checking penalty results in the following:
    1. First Offense– Three game suspension;
    2. Second Offense- Five game suspension;
    3. Third Offense- Eight game suspension and ineligible for remainder of the season.
  3. Fighting/ Third Man in Penalties- A player receiving one of these penalties will result in the following:
    1. First Offense- Three game suspension;
    2. Second Offense- Five game suspension;
    3. Third Offense- Eight game suspension and ineligible for remainder of the season;
    4. Fights in the last game of the season will result in a 5 game suspension in the next league the player is registered.
  4. Game Misconducts- A player receiving one of these penalties (not including Game Misconduct from fighting/ third man in) will result in the following:
    1. First Offense- One game suspension;
    2. Second Offense- Three game suspension;
    3. Third Offense- Five game suspension and ineligible for playoffs;
    4. Fourth Offense- Eight game suspension and ineligible for remainder of the season.
  5. Match Penalties- A player receiving one of these will be forced to attend a USA Hockey hearing and comply with their verdict before playing again. They may also face further suspension from the league.

Section D- Local Rules

  1. No checking is allowed
  2. All players are required to wear their registered jersey number, which must be on the score sheet prior to the start of the game.
  3. No player is permitted to step on the ice surface before the Zamboni has exited and the doors closed. Any violation of this rule will result in a three (3) minute bench minor penalty, which will be assessed at the start of the game.
  4. There will be no time outs during any game, until the playoffs, where there will be one per team.
  5. A team that forfeits three or more games will be ineligible for playoffs.
  6. Alcohol/ Tobacco /Drug Use are not allowed in the ICE Arena. If any of these things are seen by the staff or public, you will be asked to leave the building.
  7. All teams and players must follow ICE Arena facility rules and regulations
  8. Resurfacing of the ice will occur before every game, unless ICE Arena management deems more resurfaces are necessary.
  9. League Commissioner, facility Director, and the ICE Arena Management reserve the right to add, revise, or delete any league rule or regulation without notice. Further, any decision on matters not specifically listed in these rules will be made and enforced by commissioner. All decisions will be final.


  1. Each team will qualify for Play-offs (unless noted otherwise).
  2. Tie breakers in standings will be 1. Head to Head (two tied teams), 2. Most wins, 3. Fewest goals against
  3. Play-offs will be single elimination (unless noted otherwise).
  4. Games will consist of three (3) twelve (12) minute stop time periods.
  5. Warm-up will be three (3) minutes, which will be posted on the clock. The time will start when the Zamboni doors are closed.
  6. Tie games in the play-offs will be decided by the following procedure. Overtime will consist of one (1) five (5) minute stop time sudden death period. If the game remains tied, the game will continue to go into overtime until a winner is decided. Overtime will start out five on five, then four on four, and finishing with three on three.
  7. Each team will be allowed one time-out per game.


  1. Any player that brings a lawsuit against another player forfeits his/her right to participate in the ICE Arena Adult Hockey League until the lawsuit is resolved.
  2. An appeal may be filed in writing to the commissioner where a 75% Team Rep (by division) approval must be met in order for that player to be reinstated.


  1. A team who does not have at least six (6) skaters (not including goalies) present at the conclusion of the 3-minute warm-up prior to the game will lose by forfeit. The six (6) skaters must be on the roster.
  2. After the first period, a team with no goalie will lose by forfeit if they trail by four (4) or more goals at any point after the first period. If a goalie arrives at any point and enters the game in progress, the game will proceed until the end of regulation time.
  3. Any team who use players that do not meet all eligibility requirements or refuses to follow instructions by the league commissioner about how players will be disbursed through the teams will forfeit that game. The team representative will serve a one game suspension and be fined $25.00. The team Rep will have to serve the one game suspension until the fine is paid in full.
  4. In case of a forfeit, both teams are not allowed to remain on the ice to scrimmage and/or practice. Referees are not allowed to officiate any scrimmage.
  5. A team that forfeits three games will be ineligible for playoffs.
  6. A team that forfeits five games will be kicked out of the league with NO REFUNDS!